Online Bespoke Japanese Programmes for IB/GCSE

Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the pandemic of 2020, schools have had to adapt to online learning in creative and novel ways. In tandem with specially produced video tutorials and vocabulary drilling websites such as Quizlet and Education Perfect, I was able to provide my students the same or better learning experience during the pandemic as I could have in a traditional classroom. This was particularly so for senior students with small class sizes.

The experience of providing the highest quality teaching and learning during the pandemic confirmed my long-held belief in the power of the internet to enrich and expand our traditional approach to education. Consequently I have decided to move from teaching in the classroom to teaching online through Japanese4schools. With Japanese4schools, any student in the world can now work towards their Japanese GCSE/iGCSE or IB examinations in a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way.

Students studying an online bespoke Japanese IB/GCSE/iGCSE programme designed and delivered through Japanese4schools and taught in partnership with native speaker colleagues get the same personalised learning experience I have provided in almost twenty years in the UK as Head of Japanese in two leading secondary schools. In addition, we can also provide individual tutoring to support any of these courses.

Schools using the online bespoke Japanese programme can offer this exciting language to small numbers of students, without having to employ an experienced and inspirational teacher in their locality; secure in the knowledge that their students will be supported in all aspects of the course, and schools will be provided with regular assessment reports, documentation and feedback in line with their policies.

For more information on the kinds of programmes we can offer, and to enquire about the online GCSE classes starting on May 9th & 10th 2022, please complete the contact form below. You can also use this contact form to order the Yonde Kaite Primary Workbooks and Flashcards:

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