The Japanese Classroom

I thought I would share some of the things we do in our Japanese classroom to establish a routine which encourages confident use of the target language, and allows the students to take collective responsibility for their learning. I have numerous aims in my classroom, one of which is to teach Japanese (!); but in addition I aim to produce students who are able to work independently and collaboratively and enjoy the learning process.


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  1. I am writing to ask you about the teaching of Japanese.
    My daughter is in Year 10 at Hitchin Girls School. She is half Japanese but hasn’t been brought up to be bi-lingual. However she has been having lessons on Saturdays and has been making progress.
    Unfortunately, her Japanese teacher has become very busy and is unable to provide lessons anymore. I am therefore looking for a new teacher to prepare her for GCSE Japanese.
    I saw this Rajakumar sensei webpage and I ma very impressed. We are living in Letchworth garden city and we are able to visit in Hockeril school area.
    I would be most grateful if you could let me know Japanese GCSE teacher. My daughter is planning to take Japanese GCSE in 2020.

    Kind regards,
    Akiko Hartell

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