Nihongo Cup Speech Contest 27th July, 2020

This year we found ourselves in the difficult position of trying to run the finals day of the Nihongo Cup during a global pandemic.

Rather than cancelling this special annual event, the organising committee, with the help and support of the Japan Foundation, the Japanese Embassy and Sasakawa Foundation, decided to hold the first ever (and hopefully only) online Nihongo Cup final.

With technical support coming from Japan, and students attending the event from locations right across the country, we were all amazed and impressed  by how smoothly the online event went. The contestants submitted their speeches as pre-recorded video files, but attended the day on Zoom with parents, teachers and supporters all signing in to participate live. Whilst it was a technical challenge for many of us, judges, honoured guests and even a range of  outstanding performances were enjoyed from living rooms all over the country. 

The only disappointing thing about this year’s event, was that the first prize in the Key Stage 5 section, which would normally have been an all-expenses paid trip to Japan to compete in the International Speech Contest, was unable to go ahead. Otherwise, our generous sponsors ensured that every finalist received one or more prizes as a reward for their hard work, talent and commitment to their studies.

The standard of the competition was incredibly high, and each of the students can be immensely proud of their achievements. 

Congratulations to all !   

Nihiongo Cup 2020 Winners

For those who are thinking of preparing for next year’s competition, you might wish to look at the following templates for inspiration. Remember that a winning speech will use the template as a starting point, and then develop their speech using their own ideas and opinions.

Template-my ideal town Standard

Speech Competition Template-my ideal holiday- Standard Level

Template-Japan Trip-challenging


Template- favourite thing -standard

Template- my dream -standard

Template-future career-very challenging

To help with your pronunciation and intonation, click here. Simply cut and paste your speech into the box and listen to the correct way to say it.

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