An Introduction to Japanese Culture and Language Teaching in Primary Education

On Friday 22 May, 2015, the University of Edinburgh and the J-Clan Initiative will host  a workshop exploring ways of taking advantage of the new Scottish 1 + 2 languages policy, which hopes to introduce two additional languages at primary level, one from Primary 1, and the second by Primary 5, by 2020. This is a very exciting initiative, and I am very pleased to be delivering one of the keynote talks at the workshop.


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Hockerill Mindfulness

At Hockerill we have been introducing mindfulness to our students for a number of years, and we currently offer mindfulness sessions as an after school club for staff and students; as an activity in boarding; and to our sixth formers as part of our CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) programme. Read more about it here: Hockerill Mindfulness 2016


This is what our students think of Mindfulness:



Mind with Heart